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We help marketing services agencies win new business and we guarantee our results

Dream Merchants works with your agency to help you win new clients.  We guarantee our results and illustrate our desire to work with clients on a long term basis by gearing our fee structure around the revenue that we will help you generate.  Our expertise covers all of the mainstream marketing functions and we have a specialist digital team who work with both pureplay as well as integrated agencies.

Why work with us?  Well apart from our famous guarantee there are a few reasons

Proposition Engine

Our own in-house method of using combinations of feeds, aggregators, social media and web analytics software allows us to to detect changes in a buyers environment.  The changes we look for are symptoms of a need which we use to build compelling and relevant propositions when we are selling in your services.  This often leads to uncovering details of opportunities before they have been made public when it is often too late for a speculative approach

Integrated Approach

Our method is not the same for all clients.  The discovery workshop that we run with all new clients is designed to get to the root of what your key offering is and how you can genuinely add value to a potential partner.  Your target market and preferred clients will dictate the overall approach and methods of establishing relationships.


All of our activity is logged on CRM software which is hosted online, this allows you to get an update on how activity is progressing at any time, wherever you happen to be.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch on 020 8429 5250

a set of tools that we use to analyze and process the vast amounts of information out there which help us to track and identify changes in a buyer’s environment that will allow us to sell in the services of our clients.  Combined with the additional leads which are generated from our more traditional, targeted cold-prospecting via the telephone and email, it gives a tremendous boost to the results that we generate both in quality and quantity.