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It goes without saying that if you cannot find the answer here to your query then please get in touch on 020 8429 5250

What exactly do you do?

Essentially we provide you with warmed up and welcome meetings with decision makers who either have a specific need or requirement for what it is that you do or are intent on putting a retained agency in place to use on an ongoing basis.

There are certain occasions or specialist agencies whose work might not fit these criteria but in any case the opportunities we provide you with will be based on criteria which is agreed with you at the outset of any campaign.

What is your fee model?

Our fees are a combination of two parts.  A monthly retainer which allows us to maintain the sales activity and market intelligence research.  We also take a small percentage of the total revenue generated through our opportunities as part of our focus on long-term commercial relationships with you.

If you were to subscribe to the various paid services that we use as part of our intelligence gathering via the Proposition Engine it would cost you significantly more than our minimum monthly retainer.

Do you have a minimum commitment period

In order to qualify for the guarantee mechanism you will need to commit to a minimum period of 3 months

Who will be working on my account?

Typically a number of people will be active on your account.  There is an analyst who works hard to uncover leads and opportunities through our Proposition Engine which are fed to the account manager who is the ‘voice’ of your company, calling up and pursuing these targeted leads as well as the more general prospecting across agreed sectors.  All meetings are secured with senior decision makers who have control or major influence of budgets.

How do I get feedback on your activity

Regular reporting is an absolute necessity in our opinion not only to keep you informed of all existing and future opportunities but also to help tailor and tweak our approach to get maximum value from the activity.  You can log in and see activity at any time with our online-hosted CRM software.

What sectors do you cover?

The sectors that we target will be completely dependent on the client that we are working with.  Depending on your expertise and experience we will put together a list of pre-agreed targets in suitable sectors that are a natural fit for your offering.  We can source updated lists of contacts and contact information for whatever sector you specialise in if our existing data does not cover it.  This will be continuously topped up with prospects that you approve of which we discover through our market intelligence software.  This combination of cold-prospecting relevant prospects and warm leads allow us to confidently offer our unique guarantee.

Who do you work for?

We work solely with marketing services agencies.  We do this not so much to allow us to specialise in working with specific types of clients because anyone who has spent time prospecting on behalf of agencies can soon tell you that every one is quite different

We do this because it allows us to specialise in targeting certain types of buyer.  We can build up an incredibly detailed picture of what is happening in your buyer’s environments and our market intelligence software is designed to highlight changes in this environment which naturally lead to an opportunity to sell in  your services to them.   These are the warm leads that come from our analysts which augment the cold-prospecting and significantly increase the number of opportunities you will secure when you work with us.

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