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Our Guarantee

Cast iron, copper-bottomed, fireproof – we will leave the clichés to the footie commentators but we are serious about working with partners for long-term reciprocal benefit.

We find it strange how guarantees for completion of work are a given in some industries, yet barely considered in others.  Would you pay a builder for a half-finished conservatory or a tailor for a pair of trousers when you had asked for a suit?

Simply because success in a direct sales channel comes from the total output of a combination of several ‘uncertain’ factors shouldn’t mean that there is any uncertainty as to what you are getting from your investment.

Our relationships are built on a very simple premise – if we do not achieve the level of success within the given timeframes agreed at the outset then we will continue to work with you at no cost whatsoever, until we do.

Call us to find out more on 020 8429 5250

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